Who said that extremes don't meet?


MultiFresh® is the meeting point of hot and cold,
with working temperatures ranging
from +85 to -40°C and vice versa.
This makes your work in the kitchen much more flexible,
and ensures your products are healthier and tastier.

multiple functions, multiple advantages

the tool for all kitchens worldwide

reasons for choosing Irinox


staff costs

50% savings on staff costs,
less need to work extra hours.

Lower staff costs

The same quantities are produced in the half the time,
optimizing staff work and managing market demand
and peak periods in advance.

food cost

Ingredients and raw materials
can be bought when they are
in season.

Lower food cost

Raw materials can be purchased in larger quantities when they are in season
and at the best price. Blast chilled and shock frozen,
they keep the same quality for several months.

food waste

Purchases can be
planned ahead.

Less food waste

MultiFresh® drastically reduces food waste,
helping you plan your purchases ahead and preserving the freshness
of semi-finished or finished products.


production optimization

Blast chills or shock freezes
larger product quantities.

Production is drastically optimized

MultiFresh® optimizes production, as you can blast chill
or shock freeze larger quantities of products
as soon as you take them out of the oven or off the cooker.

food quality and safety

MultiFresh® perfectly
preserves the best food quality.

Increased food quality
and safety

MultiFresh® perfectly preserves the quality, freshness and safety of food,
managing the cold chain according to Haccp standards.

shelf life

Drastically reduces bacterial proliferation in food.

Increased shelf life

Blast chilling and shock freezing drastically reduce bacterial proliferation
and perfectly preserve food 3 times longer.

beyond the mere concept of cold

Not just blast chilling and shock freezing:
with MultiFresh® you can also manage the various processing phases with dedicated cycles and temperatures up to +85°C.


With the blast chilling cycle,
one of MultiFresh®'s strengths.

MultiFresh® reduces the temperature of every type of food to +3°C at the core, quickly dropping it through the temperature range where bacteria grow fastest (between +90 and +70°C), thus preserving their quality.
The temperature range in which bacteria develop the quickest and there is maximum enzymatic activity is that between 40°C and 10°C. The longer food stands in this range, the more it will deteriorate.
In favourable conditions (40°C to 10°C) bacteria multiply exponentially. This usually happens when a blast chiller is not used.

Through ultrarapid freezing,
one of MultiFresh®'s strengths.

Due to the slow chilling that takes place in ordinary holding cabinets, the water in the cells and fibres of food goes from the liquid state to macro-crystals of ice which as they expand cause the cell membranes and fibres to break up. These lacerations inside the food are not immediately apparent but they have deleterious consequences on product quality once the food is thawed.
The quality of the freezing cycle is proportional to the rapidity with which heat is extracted from the product’s core. The quicker freezing is, the better the quality of the product will be when thawed.
By law, shock freezing of food to -18°C at the core must take no more than 4 hours.

chilling at +3°C

food chilled with
an Irinox MultiFresh®
blast chiller
reduced number of bacteria
food chilled
at room
high number of bacteria

shock freezing -18°C

food frozen with
an Irinox MultiFresh®
blast chiller
food frozen
a blast chiller