MyA: touch interface

edit the time

continuous cycle

start cycle

adjust ventilation

6 layouts
for organizing all
MultiFresh's contents

from 0 to 100 %
progress bar of the cycle
under way

15 ×15 mm
minimum size
of pressure points

4 tabs
for managing the details
of each cycle


resistive touchscreen
can also be used while
wearing a kitchen glove


a special grease-resistant coating
protects the screen from fingerprints

WiFi connection
for data downloading
and connection with your devices

function choice

cycle choice


Using Mya: details


MyA is extremely easy to use.
Simple, user-friendly icons give access to MultiFresh's numerous functions with which to manage each production process.

For each function you can choose from a wide selection of dedicated cycles specifically developed and tested to respect the organoleptic qualities of each group of products.

With MyA you can easily edit the parameters of each cycle, incl. ventilation, time, temperature, etc. and create the ideal process
for each food type.


The Irinox patented sanitization system sanitizes every part of the chamber, including the areas difficult to access for cleaning (e.g. the evaporator).

bacterial charge abatement 99,5%


The adjustable Multirack® tray holder patented by Irinox allows operators to double the number of trays loaded in each model. It is easy to set the distance between one tray and the next, allowing better air distribution on the product and greater temperature uniformity on all levels.

0% double rack capacity


Temperature sensor: MultiSensor® probe
MultiFresh® is supplied with a MultiSensor® 5 point probe for perfect temperature control.
Core temperature readings provide MultiFresh® software with extremely precise indications.

1 reading points

for precise
temperature control

extremely quiet operation

MultiFresh®: noiseless performance.
To make the work place even more comfortable MultiFresh® has extremely quiet new generation compressors and condensers provided with a Fan Speed Controller that come on automatically only when necessary.

-1 dB

quieter than
our competitors' appliances

management system

Sophisticated Irinox software tested by the best pastry chefs and the Fan Speed Control system control and manage independently all components of the refrigerator circuit, preserving the unique characteristics of each product.

levels available

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